Is there a heart passion you’ve always wanted to follow, or an idea you want to explore?


Do you have a feeling there might be something more to your life - something bigger?


For years it’s been tugging at you, trying to get your attention. But you keep brushing it off, thinking


“I’ve got a nice life. Who am I to ask for more?


I’m Aimee, and I get it.


I had a nice life too. I had a great house, a great husband and a great job. But I felt like I was just ticking boxes. I had everything I was supposed to have to make me happy (and it did!), but I kept thinking, 


“There’s gotta be something more.”


It was a slow journey from there to here. Life gets in the way. But eventually things clicked, and I started listening to that little voice inside. I followed the breadcrumbs and created  a life that makes my soul sing.

These days, I still have the great husband (and a beautiful little girl!), but I’m following my passion



Helping women say “Yes” to themselves and light up the world.


I believe in the power of Manifestation and our ability to create the life we desire.


As a life coach, I help women like you to confidently follow the ideas and dreams that are calling to you.



Together, we can…

• Figure out what your desires are

• Uncover the fears and made-up stories that are blocking you from following your passion

• Get you listening to the little voice telling you there should be something more

• Do something practical about it!



I’m the coach for you if…

    • You’re new to the idea of exploring your spirituality or feel an increasing pull to listen inwardly

    • You’ve tried to ask yourself what you really want, but never found the answer

    • You long for a safe person who’ll show up for you and support you no matter what 

  • You are trying to follow your passion but your fears are blocking the way

  • You want to become more connected to your intuition and aligned with  



If you want see real, practical changes in your life…

If you want to get off your butt and start following your dreams…

If you want permission to try, and someone to cheer you on all the way…

If you want to figure out what success would look like for you, and start moving towards it…

If you want to pursue your passion with curiosity and see where it goes…

If you want to kick those old beliefs and stories to the curb......


I always felt that Aimee was 100% dedicated to helping me achieve my goals and to become the best version of myself that I could be.
— Melissa Millard, VIC Australia


Say Yes to yourself, right now. 

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