A unique coaching experience....


Are you wanting to feel more grounded and connected?

Are you curious about Equine Assisted Learning but not quite ready to commit to a full program? Wanting to see what all the fuss is about? Then keep scrolling! My 1:1 Equine Assisted Learning Individual Session is for you!


“One of the best decisions I have ever made!”
— Jade McKenzie. Event Head.

Calming, Grounding, Powerful.

These are the words my clients use to describe their experience. It is hard to explain what happens in each session, as it is a very individual experience. Which is what makes it so beautiful. The horses give unique feedback  and experiences for each client. This way we can uncover what is going on FOR YOU. Be assured that you will be guided and  supported the whole way through this process by myself and my herd.

 Horses are amazing teachers and can offer so much opportunity for us to explore being in relationship with others  and ourselves.  If you would like to find out more about Equine Assisted Learning and why we work with horses you then click here.

Never been near a horse before? No worries!!

All sessions take place on the ground (no riding involved) and do not require any previous horse experience.

Do horses make you a bit (or even really) nervous or scared?

Don't stress! We will go at your pace and where you feel comfortable. The wonderful thing about EAL is that you don't need to be right up in the horses face to get the benefits. There is a lot of richness in observation and merely being in the horses presence. Remember, this is your experience.

I feel really drawn to a session, but I don't know if I have anything particular I want to address.

Completely ok! In fact this is the best way to come to a session. The main goal of an Equine Assisted Learning Session is Awareness - of our bodies and patterns that no longer serve us. My one off Individual  sessions are a chance to dip your toes in and really get a feel for what this amazing work is all about.  Want to see what clients are saying? Click Here.




"The session brought to light some things I needed to be reminded of and it was amazing to see how the horses reflected the lessons back to me in such an immediate way."

      - Sammie Fleming, Life Coach at www.sammiefleming.com


Individual One Off EAL Session:

What's Included:

* A 45min in person session with the horses

* A Follow up Call approx. 2 weeks after your session. So we can chat about how you have integrated any learnings from our session.

* An incredible coaching experience unlike any other!


 Introductory Price of $250 at the moment for any session booked in January 2018 (Session may take place in Jan, Feb or March of 2018)




Wanting a more in-depth experience?

Individual Equine Assisted Learning  3 Month Package:

What's included?

* 6 x One Hour sessions ( 1 session per fortnight)

* Unlimited email support between sessions

*  Each Session we will explore a particular topic and dive deep!

Or maybe a Group experience is more your thing?

Contact me for more information about Group coaching and Custom group coaching packages.