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Last week I and many other women (and a few men) went to see Danielle La Porte talk at the Melbourne Convention Centre. The event was put on by the Wake Up Project. To  be honest, I didn't really know what to expect. I haven't followed DLP for long and  although I loved her upfront not apologies style. I hadn't read her books or really watched that many youtube videos.

What I got was a women who is passionate and funny and a lot of take aways, which I will of course share in a moment.

Firstly Clare Bowditch. Again I name I knew of, but hadn't really listened to. Are we sensing a theme here? It was kind of funny actually, i had seen her albums for years (I used to work at a place that sold CDs & DVDs) but had never actually played. 

Well the word that springs to mind when I think of her is delightful. Funny, self deprecating in a completely charming relatable way and of course talented. I'm sure many of you know this, but it was just joyous to hear her sing. What was also joyous was having Clare remind us that we can all sing. Then a room full of women (and a few lovely men) sang together. Now we all nervously looked at each other and some sang loud and some very shyly but the over all effect? Joyous. 



"All of us can sing." – Clare Bowditch

Ok not all of us are going to make careers out of it or stand on stage to an audience, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it or do it often. Sing with your children. Sing at karaoke with friends. Sing along to the radio in your car. Sing in  group. Singing is powerful, divine, fun and available to all of us. 

Now Danielle La Porte is a women I would love to just hang out with. She seems down to earth and funny. I love that she does not apologise for her beliefs but is full of compassion. She reminded us that we often look for spiritual enlightenment, answers or just something outside of ourselves. We buy the latest books, stock up on crystals, see psychics and energy healers, go to retreats and workshop after workshop after workshop. Now, there is nothing wrong with doing any of these things. I do lots of them (and have pretty impressive crystal and essential oil collections) but they have to feel right for you and not because you are searching for a quick fix. The answers lie always with in you. To find that peace and connection (which is what we are really talking about when we talk about "enlightenment", well at least I am) you need to look within, without judgement and lots of compassion.

"The best self help is self compassion." – Danielle Laporte

Now I'm not saying that is easy and that now that I have said this you are instantly going to "get it" and  become more compassionate right this second.  However I'm sure you know that we are way to hard on ourselves most (or all) of the time. Our Inner Critic or Ego can be super loud and super convincing. We hold ourselves up to some very high standards and when we don't meet that standard we beat ourselves up for it.

If a friend come to us with the same story, we would never say the things we say to ourselves to them. No, we show them compassion and support. This is what we need to start doing for ourselves. Take notice of the thoughts you are having and the way you talk to yourself. Then treat yourself as you would a loved on or a friend.

"The divine feminine is a mindset, not a gender." – Danielle Laporte

This has been on my radar for quite a while now. The rise of the Divine Feminine. Maybe more accurately the awareness of it. Which is a wonderful thing and it is a beautiful energy. Maybe you have noticed it or heard people referring to it. I know I have noticed a big shift in the way a lot of companies approach their business.  For a long time, it's been a very masculine energy.

Now I don't mean this is bad. Not at all. The masculine energy (and I'm talking energy, not gender) helps us to get stuff done. It's logical and strategic. Divinine Feminie energy is softer, compassionate, powerful and much more intuitive. It helps us to be creative and connect. Think of the Yin and Yang symbol. You need both for balance and one is not better than the other. They support each other.

Now in this time when issues of gender inequality are right at the fore front, it would be easy to assume that Divine Feminine is something only women can tap into or describe a more spiritual or woo woo type of feminism. As Danielle La Porte talked about there are plenty of women who are stuck in a Patriarch Masculine mindset and lots of men who have a much more Divine Feminine mindset. It's not about which gender is better, it's about changing mindset to embrace both. 

"I cannot fix all the evils of the world, I can only be my best." – Danielle Laporte


It is easy to become overwhelmed but everything that is going on in the world at the moment. I know at times I feel very small and not like I can do anything much to make a difference. When DLP said the above and talked about how being your best is really all you can do, it really resonated with me. Showing up, being your best self and coming from a place of love and joy if this is all you do, you are doing a lot. The world needs people being their best.

It looks and feels different for everyone and it doesn't mean you need to sell up or donate everything you own or preach to people about how they aren't helping enough. It merely means doing the best you can, one day at a time if needed. Don't make this something else for you to beat yourself up about. Remember showing compassion to yourself? Imagine if everyone did that to themselves and others. Even if nothing else changed. Imagine the impact.

To sum up, my big take aways were:

  • We can all Sing
  • Self Care = Self Compassion
  • Divine Feminine is a mindset and not a Gender
  • Don't Focus on what you cannot fix, focus on how you can show up as your best self.

I really enjoyed listening to Danielle LaPorte and yes I did buy one of her books. (The Desire Map for those who are interested). I left feeling, well a bit like I needed to let it all sink in. The next morning though, I was feeling really inspired and couldn't stop writing. Definitely check out her work, if you haven't already, as well as The Wake Up Project. They have amazing events and speakers.

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