Dancing with Kali Ma and bringing in the New Year


I am still buzzing from the incredible night that was. Dancing with my fellow sisters under the full moon at the first event of the Goddess Road Trip. What a way to release the old and bring in the New Year.

The Sacred Workshop and Dance Party honouring the powerful Goddess Kali Ma was held under not just a full moon, but a super moon. Lead by Julie Parker, Sora Surya No and Sammie Flemming I knew I was in for a special night.

The Goddess Kali or Kali Ma (often called The Dark Mother) is one of my favourite Goddesses. She is fierce. She is the destroyer. She is the life Giver.  She will take no prisoners and is considered to be one of the Great Goddesses. Kali is typically depicted with a necklace of skulls, a skirt made from the arms of men and has four arms. One holds a sword and the other a decapited head. 

As Julie said on the night " You won't find any Flower Crowns here".

She is the Hindu Goddess of death, although not with death as we know it. It is the death of the Ego and that which no longer serves us. Death to that which holds us back. She will burn it all to the ground to make way for the new. She is one powerful Goddess and is often feared. However she is a powerful ally to those that are willing to step into the their shadow. Which any one who is serious about self development or spiritual development must do. We all must face our shadow side and Kali is the perfect Goddess to help us. 

So with this Destroyer/Creator Goddess by our sides, we shared what we were releasing and letting go off. These were not fluffy shares, these were deep, uncomfortable and brave shares between sisters. We shared what we wanted to bring in for the New Year. The beautiful Sammie then lead us in a chant together to release the old and bring in the new. When I was releasing it felt like small flakes were peeling away and  floating up into the air. I know that sounds crazy and a bit woo woo, but there it is.  I don't know if you have ever sat with a large group of women singing, but it is incredible. 

Then it was time to dance. Lead by Sora, we danced away the old and celebrating the new. We let our Wild Women out, which was a little confronting at times, not going to lie. At the same time, it is wonderful to be able to move in any which way and express yourself without judgment or trying to impress any one. It is extremely freeing and the energy of the room was insane. This is not something that women get to do very often. I have said before that something special happens when women gather together and last night only re-enforced that belief for me. 

After dancing it all out, shaking it off and shaking our booties, we closed with a grounding meditation. Then bliss balls, Kombucha and connecting before calling it a night. Exhausted, but exhilarated. When I got home the moon was so big and bright that the light was almost like daylight. 

I would love to be able to start my year like this every Year. 

So, what are you letting go of this Year? What Stories and Beliefs are you throwing into the fire? 

What are your brave and beautiful intentions for 2018?