Impact and Intentions -

In my last post I looked at my year that was. Which I think is such an import thing to do for ourselves before jumping in to the New Year. Once I have done this I like to look forward and the year ahead.

Ahh a New Year. It's like opening the pages of a new book or journal (any one else love that smell?). So much to dream and look forward to. Who knows what will unfold.

This year I felt myself ease into the New Year.  I don't set New Years resolutions for myself, but I like writing down all the things I would like to do or places I would like to go. Last year I accomplished a lot of the things I had written down, so it can be a really powerful practice. 

I really love the practice that Susannah Conway has about finding a word for the year. You can find the out about that here. I have been doing this practice for a few years now and I find that it helps me when I'm trying to make decisions or just as a reminder about how I want to feel. 

This year my word is Impact. Which for me is for business and for my personal life. Usually I have two words, one for business and one for me, but the more I get into my business and trying to build this life for myself, it becomes more obvious how linked they are. 

Impact for me has two parts. The impact I want to create with my work. On the smaller personal level with each client and on a larger scale. Getting the word out about the benefits of Equine Assisted Learning, becoming more aware and connected to ourselves/our emotions and hopefully  connecting women together.  

As well as being able to support business and groups through my business. For example a percentage from each booking made either private sessions or group, is donated to Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary to help support the wonderful work they do. I'm hoping down the track I can support other charities etc like this. 

The second part is the impact I create on an environment level and on a social level.

 Living out here, much closer to nature has inspired me to get even more in touch with the seasons and the weather (which is ever changing in Victoria). I love being able to see the change coming in or feel the storms before they arrive. I like being to see how the landscape changes with the seasons and the wildlife.  So I have been watching and learning a lot about the Zero Waste movement and I am really inspired by that. Although I don't think being completely Zero waste is realistic for me just yet, I am slowly changing things over, replacing items with eco friendly ones as I need and thinking about my purchases. I would love to start a veggie patch this year and we have started a small herb garden.

After watching War on Waste (ABC) and finding out about soft plastics and that I can recycle them, we have been much better with our recycling (read - I may becoming a bit over the top) and the next step is a compost for the food scraps. To help with reducing food waste, I have been meal planning and being really strict with our budget. (Oh yeah we are trying to be really savvy with our finances too.). I'm not perfect, but I figure every little bit matters. I'll write a post on the small swaps I have made etc later, but this is a big focus for me this year. 

Last year I started looking into social justice and my own privilege as a white women after reading Layla Saad's blog post "I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy". This is not easy or comfortable, but so so important. Not making things about us. Not using being "spiritual"  as an excuse to not act or not listen. Learning how to be good allies to women of colour and paying them for their emotional labour. No matter how small, it can still have impact. My beautiful friend Sharyn Holmes is an amazing voice in this area and her FB page has some brilliant resources if you would like to learn more.

Hmm... it's not exactly a fluffy word it it? But it is the one my whole body resonates with and that's whats important. No matter what your word is make sure it feels right. It doesn't need to be loaded with meaning as mine is this year. One of my previous words was Joy.  Simple as that. 

My intentions for this year are:

* To have fun, feel joy and ease

* To look at the Impact I have on the world and do what I can to become more eco friendly and less wasteful.

* Be more intentional with my purchases.

* Create and make more - I haven't painted in years (since I burnt out after Uni) but I am feeling the need to do it again. For me. Plus i am trying to improve my sewing skills. (look out everyone who will be getting a birthday gift etc from me)

*Bake and cook more - I actually love to bake, but it has been hard to find time.

 * Read more. - I miss reading.....

*To do more family outings - cheap or free

* Get savvy about our money

* To Collaborate with people I admire. 

* To have more experiences and less stuff.... (unless that stuff is crystals, oracle cards, books or ponies.. joking.. kind of.)

*TO have the most amazing clients (I know you guys are out there)


What are you intentions for the year? Do you have a word for the year? I'd love to hear about it!