Nature Challenge


In the Southern Hemisphere it is definitely winter. I love honouring the different feelings of the seasons. Winter has a slow down, get comfy kind of feel to it. Warming foods and drinks. Boots, coats and beanies. Reading by the (gas) fire. Winter is a great time to slow down and look inward.

The temptation can be to use the cooler weather to stay indoors. Its’ raining, its too cold. Lounging round the warm house can be much more appealing. So I decide to challenge myself and my family to get outdoors more. To go and do some of those things we kept talking about but never did. I think winter can be a great time to go exploring. Hikes in the bush when the threat of bush fires is much much lower. There is something magical about being out there all rugged up and the cold air around you.

My horses are no longer on my property, when they were I would have to get up, feed them, check on them etc. There would be heavy frost and often 1 degree or colder. However a part of me still enjoyed getting rugged up and stepping out into the fresh air. It will certainly wake you up!

Now I am not suggestion that you have to do that. I would just like to inspire you to get outdoors when you can and connect with nature. I’m sure you are aware of the benefits of being outdoors. How important nature is to our wellbeing. Did you know that even just looking at a picture of a nature scene can help to reset our mindset. How amazing is that?!


How is it going to work?

It’s pretty simple. I will be posting everyday on my instagram account @helloyescoaching during the month of July. I’ll be sharing a little inspiration to get help get you moving, exploring or taking a quiet moment each day.

The idea isn’t to go hiking for 4 hours everyday. The idea is to take what I have shared and do it in a way that works for you. That supports you to connect to nature and yourself. If the weather is extreme storms, I’m not expecting you to go out in it. You might just observe from a window. Same goes if you aren’t feeling 100%.

At the end of July, there will be a free meet up, if you are local to Geelong, Victoria. Which will be a mediation with my horses and a little nature walk (just around the bush paddock, so not fitness needed at all).

I would love if you are taking part to share what you get up to using #winternaturechallenge

I’m looking forward to connecting and seeing what adventures you have.

Aimee WilsonComment