Things I'm loving at the moment - January


Can you believe it is February already? I’ve been having such a slow start to the year and it’s felt pretty good. I just thought I would share some of the things I’ve been loving this month. I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for awhile and I know there are a few around. However I love sharing other people’s work and just whatever has caught my interest over the month. So here we go.

Things I have been loving:

  1. The beach - Summer = beach in my opinion. So it’s been great to spend time there with my family. Even just to have a splash about. Feeling the water rush over my feet and the sand beneath always revives me.

  2. Tahlee from Sonesence is creating an app for her wonderful meditones meditations and honestly I can’t wait. If you haven’t heard the meditations before you really need to. They are soothing and so so relaxing. I know I am always talking about them, but they are so good. You can find the link for her Kickstarted Campaign HERE.

  3. My very clever friend Kate and her husband have created a tooth brush subscription service called Toothy. The tooth brushes are bamboo and biodegradable. A very simple switch to make if you are looking to reduce plastic in your home and a really convenient way to do it. Register your interest HERE

  4. Changing my morning practice - I have started doing a miracle morning routing with my friend and I have been trying some tapping. I’ve really been enjoying it and changing up my routine has definitely helped to change my mindset and be more positive.


Tidying Up with Marie Kondo - if you haven’t watched this yet get to it. Her folding method is changing my life.

The Witches of East End - just getting in to this one and ok it’s a little cheesy/drama, but I am enjoying it. I mean it’s about magic and Witches.

Meal Prep Videos on Youtube. I like the idea that I could be this organised if I wanted to be and getting inspired.


Low Tox Life by Alex Stuart - I love getting new ideas on how to reduce my waste. I have been eyeing it off for awhile and then Aldi had it for $10. Winning.

Listening to:

Light is the New Black - Rebecca Campbell on Audio book. I find it really hard to get time to read books, so I’m trying audio books on my drive out to the paddocks.

What did you enjoy or discover this during January? I’d love to know.

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