“I was thrilled to be invited for an EAL session with Aimee, and as a lover of horses, professional development and new experiences, I couldn’t wait to join her on her beautiful property. I was aware of EAL through previous work and study, but this was the first time that I had been the recipient of a session. The experience was incredibly soulful, grounding and heart-warming for me.

Aimee’s enriching, supportive and gentle guidance and Takoda and Poppy’s (the horses) willingness to allow me to explore myself and my abilities in a new - and sometimes challenging! - way provided the perfect environment for me to reconnect with important life lessons and openly reflect on what I most want for my time ahead. Aimee is fantastic at what she does and my experience with her will stay in my mind for a very long time to come.”  

Johanna Parker : Life, Confidence + Speaker Coach : Heart Sparks


"When I came to Aimee I was firmly in procrastination station. The vision for my life and my career had really started forming, but I just couldn’t pass through the blocks that were keeping me from action.

With Aimee’s loving, intuitive and humorous support, I was able to sift through the multiple things that were pulling at my attention and connect to what truly mattered to me.

Thanks to Aimee's practical and spiritual support (including some loving 'kicks up the butt'), I finally gained the confidence and clarity to publish my coaching website and have a business vision for the future that exactly reflects my vision and my current personal journey.

If I had to describe my coaching experience in just three words? Transformative, aligning and a whole lot of fun"

Lucy Taylor, Writer & mentor at unshackle collective, UK.


"I was finding some things a little overwhelming in terms of what am I going to do with my life. I hadn’t worked with a coach before and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Coaching with Aimee has  re-established what is important for me at this stage of my life to keep me feeling balanced and in control of my feelings and emotions. It has re-established my priorities. I now have the confidence to follow my passion of writing in way that looks and feels right to me. 

 I always felt that Aimee was 100% dedicated to helping me achieve my goals and to helping me become the best version of myself that I could be. Her enthusiasm and encouragement was contagious and I always came away from our sessions feeling excited and focused."

Melissa Millard, Writer, VIC – Australia


"Aimee came into my life when I was feeling quite disconnected, stuck and confused. A gifted Intuitive, she knew exactly how to cut through the BS and limiting beliefs that had been holding me hostage.

Aimee helped me to set inspiring goals that were aligned with who I am and where I wanted to be. A natural encourager, she helped shine a light on areas where I wasn't being true to myself...but also gave me a gentle ass kicking when I needed it most! 

After my coaching series with Aimee I felt truly nourished, connected and balanced. I can't thank her enough for helping me see the light again."

Jade Ogden, Wellness blogger &Adventure Seeker at Make Your Life Amazing, NSW – Australia


"I gained so much from my coaching sessions with Aimee. Her passion for Life Coaching and helping people was evident to me every session. It was the first time someone had held me accountable for my actions when it came to my business.

As a result of learning how to be more mindful strategic and considered, I was able to achieve a significant promotion in my company. I am confident that I would not have achieved this success without her support, humour and encouragement. Aimee gave me some incrediby useful ideas, helped me set goals, and introduced me to some resources that I have since been able to integrate into my business.

Aimee believed in me possibly more than I believed in myself throughout the coaching sessions. I have no doubt Aimee will do well in this profession, and change the lives of many more lucky people!"

Paula Cook, Independent Presenter for Younique at