Be Your Own Hero! Workshops for Teen Girls


Being a teen in today’s world is hard.

There is so much information thrown at them and let’s face it, life moves at a whirlwind pace. Stress, anxiety and too much time indoors. Trying to navigate who they want to be.

Imagine if your teen:

  • felt confident and resilient?

  • knew more about how they communicated with the world around them?

  • had some tools to tap into when they’re feeling stressed or anxious?

These workshops have been designed to help girls be their own hero. To help them to build awareness around their emotions so they can do more than just react but give themselves the space to make choices that feel right for them. To give them tools to create calm and feelings of being grounded. To build on their confidence and resilience. All while connecting and building relationships with other like-minded teens.

How are these workshops different to any other personal development program for teens?

In short, horses! We work closely with horses throughout all of our workshops. Our horses have an amazing ability to help a person better understand who they are, what their patterns are and how they relate to others.

Horses can be wonderful providers of unconditional support and they demonstrate a healthy way of being. And don’t worry, there’s no riding involved - this is perfect for all levels – no horse experience through to advanced.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of working with horses you can check my Equine Assisted Learning page or my blog post.

‘testimonial from one of the girls who’ve worked with you already - like Jo Parker’

What i hope your Teen walk away with:

  • Feeling a sense of calm and clarity

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • An understanding of you they are and what helps them

  • New Connections

  • A Toolkit to support them

What’s Included:

  • A facilitated workshop

  • Worksheets

  • Goodie bag with some self-care essentials.

This is excellent for Teen girls:

  • that are feeling stressed out or anxious

  • who wish to have more confidence

  • that would like to connect with new people

  • that want to step up and be leaders

  • want to know how to trust themselves and what they are feeling.

Current Workshops:

Inverleigh, VIC - Tuesday 9th of April, 2019. 9:30am - 12:30pm.

Cost: $80pp. Max of 8 places.